Allegorical Realism

The Introduction of the Fool

Silence (INV.2009.01)

Self-Portrait as Mount Vesuvius (INV.2004.14)

My Left Hand, Holding a Marble (INV.2002.02)

Choice (INV.2002.01)

Self-Portrait with Bad Haircut (INV.1998.06)

Portrait of My Right Hand as a Victim of My Complacency (INV.2001.03)

The Horseless Bridle (INV.1997.01)

Self-Portrait as a Young Girl Holding a Large Veterinary Syringe, Watched by a Seated Cat on a Wall (INV.1996.08)

The Ready Horse (INV.1995.05)

Jumpers (INV.1997.03)

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